Conferences are coming (updated)

There is a list of some interesting events:

25.-29.3.   4th International Conference: Function Spaces. Differential Operators. General Topology. Problems of Mathematical Education. dedicated to L. D. Kundryavtsev in occasion of his 90th birtday  (Moscow)

24.-31.5.   Mathematical Theory in Fluid Mechanics (Kacov)  see:

2.-8.6.    Spring school of analysis (Paseky) see: Spring School on Analysis 2013

11.-15.6.   Nonlinearities 2013  (Male Ciche) - see:

20.-22.6.   FEIST2013  in Honor of M. Feistauer (Prague)  see:

1.-5.7.   Preconditioning of Iterative Methods (PIM) 2013  in Honor of Ivo Marek (Prague)  see:

15.-17.7.   Workshop on Function Spaces and PDEs   (Siegmundsburg)  - workshop devoted to students and young researchers, organized by FSU Jena.

24.31.-8.   Second International Conference of Mathematics in Armenia: Advances and Perspectives (dedicated to the 70th anniversary of foundation of Armenian national academy of sciences)   see:

26.-30.8.   Equadiff 2013  (Prague)  see:   Equadiff 13

26.-30.8.   ENUMATH 2013  (Lausanne)  see: Enumath 2013

1.-6.9.   Domain Decomposition for Optimization with PDE Constrains  (Ascona)  see:

23.-25.9.   FEM Symposium 2013  (Chemnitz)  see: fem2013


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