Our leading idea is to seek for interesting mathematical problems and to apply the state-of-art mathematical tools in natural sciences such as material science (non-newtonian fluids), geophysics, biophysics and medicine. We see the applied sciences as an unlimited source of challenging mathematical problems that can stimulate the development of pure mathematics, and, simultaneously, we are willing to cooperate with the applied scientists on the application of the up-to-date mathematical techniques to the real world problems.

Applied sciences

The centre is eager to do research in close cooperation with applied scientists, upon a wide range of topics that fall within our competence. (See our research profile.) If you want to see how we can cooperate and interact on applying the up-to-date mathematical techniques in your research, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The integral part of our mission is to do the research in collaboration with bachelor, master and doctoral students, help them to fully develop their potential, and give them a chance to exploit the open and international research environment of the centre. If you want to join us, you are heartily welcome!

Below you will find (soon) a list of topics for bachelor, master and doctoral theses supervised by the members of the centre. In the mean time you can check Charles University Student Information System to see what topics are offerd by the members of the centre.