MathMAC seminar

On 20th May, 8:30 at Sokolovska 83, Prague, room K4 will take place the seminar of MathMAC UNCE project. Junior researchers will present their newest results and they will partly continue to outline the fields of their research.

Everybody is welcome.



Programme:   Schedule

Internal meeting

On 6.5. we will have common internal meeting. Since we want to take some photos of all the members, it is convenient for everybody to come. The cakes are promissed.

Inaugural seminar of Necas Center for Mathematical Modeling

Necas Ceter for Mathematical Modeling (NCMM) is a research platform whose ambition is to coordinate and support research and education activities of several Czech Republic based research teams working in theoretical and applied mathematics. On 2.5. 2013 at 14:00 in refectory, Malostranské náměstí 25, Praha 1 the opening ceremony will be held. Since NCMM is important partner center of our UNCE, it is expected that the members will participate on.

For the details see:      pozv_NC_05-2013

The link to the webpage of the center is :    Nečas Center for Mathematical Modeling

Weekly meeting

Weekly internal meetings will be reorganized. From now on we will meet together typically on first Mondays in month (with exception on Easter).

Next meetings:

8.4.    10:00     K4

6.5.    10:00     K4

We all hope that cakes will participate too.

Talks by PhD students and internal meeting

Doctoral students supported by the Center will give talks on Monday, March 4 at 8:30 in lecture hall K4. A detailed schedule will be available soon. Anyone interested is warmly welcomed.

After the lectures we will meet to discuss both scientific and non-scientific issues concerning the Center and its management in the rest of the year. All MathMAC members are cordially invited to attend the meeting.


We have fixed the speakers and the schedule, see below. Each lecture will take ten minutes, therefore we expect that the internal meeting will start approximately at 9:30.

Adam Janečka Numerical simulation of motion of a fluid with pressure-dependent viscosity under a surface load
Martin Řehoř Squeeze flow of an incompressible fluid with pressure-dependent viscosity: Numerical simulation
Lenka Slavíková Fine properties of Sobolev spaces
Ivan Soukup Weak solutions for a class of nonlinear integrodifferential equations
Filip Soudský Normability of Lorentz spaces - An alternative approach

MathMAC seminar

Within the joined seminar of MathMAC and the ERC-centre MORE the following talks are held on Monday December 10, 2012 in K4 (Karlín):

  • 9:00 - Therese Mieth (Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena):  Traces of weighted Besov spaces
  • 9:40 - Benjamin Scharf (Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena):  Wavelets in function spaces on celular domains
Everybody is welcomed to join the seminar.

Talks of Barbora Benešová, Lenka Slavíková and Filip Soudek

Within the joined seminar of MathMAC and the ERC-centre MORE the following talks are held on Monday October 22, 2012 in K4 (Karlín):

  • 9:00 - Barbora Benešová: The framework of generalised standard materials and modeling of shape-memory alloys
  • 9:20 - Lenka Slavíková: Compactness of higher-order Sobolev embeddings
  • 9:40 - Filip Soudek: Characterization of Asociate Spaces of Weighted Classical Lorentz Space
Everybody is welcomed to join the seminar.

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Lecture 1 of the series “Senior researchers research topics”

Seminar MathMAC - V. Dolejší

  1. Analýza numerických metod pro řešení evolučních úloh konvekce-difuze s daty (dané vektorové pole difúze a pravá strana) v L^1 nebo dokonce v mírách.
  2. Analýza nespojité Galerkinovy metody v prosorech funkcí nezávislých na parametrech disckretizace, např. BV-prostory.
  3. Vývoj a analýza numerickcýh metod pro řešení hyperbolických rovnic v nekonzervativním tvaru.

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Seminar – Math MAC

Univerzitní centrum matematického modelování,

aplikované analýzy a výpočtové matematiky pořádá ve čtvrtek 5. dubna 2012, MFF UK, Sokolovská 83, místnost K3 seminář.

14:00 Martin Lanzendörfer: Hydrodynamic lubrication: A simple application and a lot of questions
14:20 Petr HonzíkOrthogonality in Lp spaces
14:40 Tomáš BártaNonconvolutionary integrodifferential equations
15:00 Václav VlasákSystems of compact sets in descriptive theory
15:20 Coffee break
15:40 Ondřej SoučekOn various modelling and computational issues in physical glaciology
16:00 Vít PrůšaContinuum mechanics – a playground for mathematics
16:20 Miloslav VlasákTime discontinuous Galerkin
16:40 Coffee break
17:00 Miroslav BulíčekThe key results obtained by using (not my) simple ideas
17:20 Ondřej KurkaAnalytic and coanalytic classes of Banach spaces
17:40 Václav KučeraHigher order numerical methods for convective problems

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