Talk by Martin Čížek

The next seminar “Modelling of materials – theory, model reduction and efficient numerical methods” will take place next Wednesday (May 12, 2021) from 9:00 till 10:00. The talk will be given by Martin Čížek. Please see the details below.

Speaker: Martin Čížek

Title: Models of vibronic excitation of a molecule by collision with the electron and attempts to solve them with Krylov subspace methods

Abstract: I will shortly review our current understanding of electron collisions with molecules with focus on vibrational excitation of molecules and induction of chemical reactions by electrons. Then I will explain the mathematical model of such collisions with reasonable compromise between generality and tractability of the resulting equations. Finally I will discuss our attempts to solve the equations with Krylov subspace methods. The talk will be presented from a physicist point of view, and I welcome any comments/suggestions from a mathematical perspective in the discussion.