Talk by Josef Málek

The next seminar will take place via Zoom on Wednesday 9:00-10:40. If you would like to obtain the Zoom link, please ask Karel Tůma ( or wait for his email (if you were receiving emails about this seminar in the past). The link will be the same for all seminars this semester.

Title: On parabolic systems with an implicit equation involving the flux and the gradient of the unknown and on implicitly constituted incompressible fluids

The aim of the lecture is to summarize the mathematical results concerning the PDE theory for the evolutionary systems of parabolic type and for the initial- and boundary-value problems describing unsteady flows of implicitly constituted incompressible fluids. The lecture is based on recent works with Jan Blechta, Miroslav Bulíček, David Hruška, Erika Maringová and KR Rajagopal.